A bioethical issue is an issue in science that tests the morals and ethical standards set by society. A bioethical issue will often have no right or wrong solution, and will often result in opposing opinions.

Ethical Decision Making Model

  1. Identify the bioethical issue. Gather and assess all factual information relevant to your issue.
  2. Identify stakeholders. (Who will be affected by your decision?)
  3. Identify the values at stake for each stakeholder. Identify any possible conflicts of values between the various stakeholders.
  4. Using a scale of 1 to 10, rate the stakeholders according to how much they have to lose or gain. A score of 10 indicates a maximum loss or gain.
  5. Identify possible solutions. (Be creative.)
  6. Choose the solution that is best for you.
  7. Identify how your solution will affect each stakeholder.

Below is a case study involving bioethical issues. To begin, click on the Huntington's Case Study. Read the scenario and pick two stakeholders and post substantial answers to the questions for those two stakeholders. You must also respond to at least one other post. Remember that there are no absolute right or wrong answers as you respond to others!

Huntington's Case Study